The Kevan Jon Winter collection has taken inspiration from an array of textures and shapes to activate the senses of the season’s designs.

With dresses embellished in fabulous feathers, statement fringes and iridescent sequins to  accentuate the collections textural inspiration.

Silhouettes of fitted juxtaposed with fluid drape react with the body’s movement inspiring the collections contrasting fabrics such as decadent delauney scuba & sumptuous satin crepe.

Accompanied by the balance of colours from bold Cerise, Cobalt & Black that stand out against the  gentle Ivory, Blush & Rose Gold creating a spectacle for the eyes.

This season’s designs are a statement for the party season providing that wow factor for any occasion up and coming.


The Kevan Jon Autumn collection has taken inspiration from Morocco, a country of extravagant architecture and labyrinthine walled cities.

A powerful balance in both tradition and modern innovation, upholding centuries of design inspiration.

The opulent fields of Moroccan poppies that are hidden deep in the atlas mountains were plucked for inspiration in the poppy crepe print.

The artistry behind the reptile satin was sourced from the abundant collection of cold-blooded reptilian muses, adorned in scales that have become part of this seasons colour palette. Found in our decadent satin crepe in hues of chai, pear, purple, and cobalt.

Morocco’s unique heritage and decadent abundance of culture have shaped this collections designs with draped necklines, flowing skirts and trailing belted details. Vivid deluaney scuba accentuate the designs in shades of marina, hot pink, peacock and bright orange.

Elevate your wardrobe this season.

Kevan Jon

The house of Kevan Jon is a woman’s wear brand founded in 1992 by South African born fashion designer Kevan Aspinall.

The Kevan Jon collection embraces the essence of today’s modern woman, renowned for its perfect fit, perfect cut and perfect proportion. The collection incorporates a super stylish super sexy selection of dresses which demand more than a second glance. Head turning tailoring perfect for every occasion plus the seasons most desirable key pieces.

Our designs are inspired by many styles and influences, contemporary art, Parisian haute couture, classical architecture, world travel and observations.

Our clothes are less well travelled, the Kevan Jon collection remains 100% UK designed & manufactured, something were very proud and passionate about.

The designer himself Kevan Aspinall is one of England’s most admired and influential fashion designers, his woman’s wear has often been described as the embodiment of style and glamour. Kevan’s creative talent can often be seen gracing the red carpet and between the pages of fashions glossiest magazines.