Many define LUXE as something opulent, luxurious, sumptuous or stylish, others understand that LUXE is a way of expressing their senses, feeling, emotion and expression of extreme style.

Rework is defined as correcting, in these current times we are all reworking our way of life and in deed living, So why not do it wearing a gorgeous Kevan Jon Luxe jumper in super soft cotton, so comfortable .

Kevan Jon Luxe collection has been reworked with embroidery, detailed designing & appliqué.

For the “Angel” in you, why not try the appliquéd 3D wing sweatshirt, or maybe for something more casual, why not opt for the Camouflage Hoodie or the reworked ruffle shoulder or the lace back in classic Kevan Jon colour pallet.

Bringing a new concept of comfortable fashion by Kevan Jon to your wonderful wardrobe.

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