The Kevan Jon Autumn collection has taken inspiration from Morocco, a country of extravagant architecture and labyrinthine walled cities.

A powerful balance in both tradition and modern innovation, upholding centuries of design inspiration.

The opulent fields of Moroccan poppies that are hidden deep in the atlas mountains were plucked for inspiration in the poppy crepe print.

The artistry behind the reptile satin was sourced from the abundant collection of cold-blooded reptilian muses, adorned in scales that have become part of this seasons colour palette. Found in our decadent satin crepe in hues of chai, pear, purple, and cobalt.

Morocco’s unique heritage and decadent abundance of culture have shaped this collections designs with draped necklines, flowing skirts and trailing belted details. Vivid deluaney scuba accentuate the designs in shades of marina, hot pink, peacock and bright orange.

Elevate your wardrobe this season.

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